mr peanutbutter

Is Mr. Peanutbutter Doing His Best Donald Trump Impression?

By Denny Jacob BoJack Horseman loves pushing the envelope when it comes to uncomfortable content, and everything is fair game: ...
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Two Recommendations a Day: Arca, Tech Day, Childish Gambino, Crumb

1. A Prelude to the Shed: Arca Where: 10 Ave and 31st Street When: May 11th, Friday at 5 pm ...
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Rina Sawayama at Mercury Lounge

Gallery: Rina Sawayama at Mercury Lounge

All Photos by Pauline Pokoradi ...
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No Wonders Band

Q&A: No Wonders and Their Debut EP

By Chelsea Booth In their debut self-titled EP, No Wonders authentically capture the uncertain nature of early adulthood; that period ...
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A Place to Bury Strangers at Elsewhere

Rock That’s Too Tough to Kill: A Place to Bury Strangers and Surfbort

By Chelsea Booth All Photos By Brielle Tumbarello A Place To Bury Strangers (APTBS) have long been hailed as New York’s ...
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MARGOT "Fables" Music Video

MARGOT’s New Music Video is a Badminton Fairy tale

By Ariana Hwang In the new music video “Fables”, singer-songwriter MARGOT muses over her crush inside of a high school locker ...
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Livestream Coachella for Quality Music Acts on Four Different Stages

By Chelsea Booth Experience Coachella from the comfort of your home. This weekend YouTube will be live streaming Coachella. There ...
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MakerHub is Baruch College’s Makerspace for Teaching 3D Printing and New Technologies

By Ariana Hwang There is more to Baruch College than sitting through business lectures all day. The campus has been ...
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sarah bahbah

Two Recommendations a Day: Sarah Bahbah’s “F*ck Me, F*ck You” Exhibition, The Mad Hatter’s G&T Party Bus, & More

1. Sarah Bahbah's "F*ck Me, F*ck You" Exhibition Where: Castle Fitzjohns Gallery, NYC When: Runs till April 8, daily 12:00-7:00 ...
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New Vlog: Dream Machine 2018

By Ariana Hwang Here's a vlog I made for Dream Machine. Follow me around this immersive exhibit in Williamsburg. Buy ...
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What started off as a passionate interest with college radio (WBMB Baruch College Radio), along with writing for several publications, and interviewing artists on and off the record, became a revelatory idea for a growing project.

Lullavie branches away from recycling news and elitist reviews derived from publications. With music being our original focus, we’re also looking to inspire others with knowledge that comes from fashion, business, technology, tv/film, and PEOPLE of course. This site involves multi-media production, submission based storytelling, & user-friendliness. You’ll find compelling lifestyles of creatives and commentary on just anything—not just music. You’ll hear stories of experience, watch atypical live sessions, and see beautiful creations and collections coming from YOU and your personalized submissions. This is the virtual and physical landscape in which we’ll bring musicians, artists, listeners, readers, writers, and everyone else in the same sweet, sacred place. 

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Experience Dreams in Real Life at Dream Machine

Experience Dreams in Real Life at Dream Machine

By Ariana Hwang

Dreams open up a new world for us, in which we are confronted by the most whimsical, strange, or sometimes scariest thoughts. It’s no wonder why we’re so fascinated by them. So what happens when we can really walk inside a dream?


Dream Machine is our answer, an immersive experience for people to enter different dreamworlds. Set in Williamsburg are 10 custom-designed rooms created by Dream Machine founders Gary Johnson and Paige Solomon. Dreamers can find themselves in a room full of clouds, an infinite galaxy, or a blue ball pit. Adults are invited to feel like children again, letting their imaginations run even more wild. Launching on April 5th and running until May, don’t miss the chance to buy a ticket to this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Buy Tickets HERE