Short Diary + Gallery: Cold Cave & Black Marble at Warsaw

Short Diary + Gallery: Cold Cave & Black Marble at Warsaw

All Photos By Anthony Sokolov

By Ariana Hwang


One can of Tecate and several pierogies later, I slithered past the most gothic crowd I’ve been in. Everyone at Warsaw, a music venue located in Williamsburg, was decorated with Joy Division shirts, leather jackets, tattoos, and anything and everything black. I was no exception to the rule, wearing my own Unknown Pleasures shirt, knowing fully well it would suit this occasion well—a Black Marble and Cold Cave concert.

I wanted to feel like I was somewhere else. Not at work, not at home, nor on the streets of Manhattan. In one night, this feeling would wash over me with Cold Cave and Black Marble. It was like being transported to the 80s and feeling as though I was part of the new wave movement, waiting for Ian Curtis, Robert Smith, or Bernard Sumner to seize the mic. At Warsaw, lead singers Wesley Eisold and Chris Stewart brought forth a similar kind of sincere, dark, aggressive, and bright contemporary synthwave tunes to their audience.

Although I was hoping Black Marble would play more songs like “A Great Design” and “MSQ-No Extra” from A Different Arrangement, the album with the “composition notebook design” I like to say— Cold Cave satisfied me with my favorite song, “A Little Death to Laugh”.

And as much as I would like to go into detail with the show and talk about how there was a fog machine or mention the order of songs, I see it as unnecessary, because I rather you listen or see them for yourself.


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