Meet the Slasher, Capotal, in New Video “Don’t Work”

Meet the Slasher, Capotal, in New Video “Don’t Work”

By Ariana Hwang

They say it’s a better idea to cut the chord with an ex. The relationship ended for a reason, and remaining out of sight and out of touch (at least for awhile) makes the grieving process a whole lot easier and saves both people from losing their sanity. This is an ideal outcome for those who want to move forward with their lives— that is unless the ex happens to be obsessive and a complete psychopath.


Rocco Vitolo, otherwise known as Capotal, a Hip-Hop artist and producer from Brooklyn, pokes fun at obsessive exes with his music and by starring as one in his own video. Inspired by b-movies and directed by Reed Yurman, the new music video is reminiscent of a 80s slasher flick with a combined element of silent film.


“Don’t Work” feels like watching a blockbuster movie that cleverly matches song with film narrative. Capotal, the lovelorn movie usher, switches from singing with swing while scheming his murders, to rapping maniacally when executing the kills. Altogether, the retro sounding track makes us think of A Tribe Called Quest with the marriage of classic cinema and modern lyrical satire in a video that is well worth a click.

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