Song Premiere: Seldomo Shares Soulful “Hey Man”

Song Premiere: Seldomo Shares Soulful “Hey Man”

By Michael Corrado (aka Seldomo)

There are so many different ways to approach life. Some people are overly optimistic about the future. Others are drowned in pessimism. A few are lucky to consider themselves realists. When making this LP, I was somewhere in between the three – a state of mind I like to call “probably cool.” Probably cool turned into a mantra of sorts. A phrase I would employ to shed anxiety when faced with an uncertain situation, an intentional state of serenity, even when things were not serene around me. Basically, I figured it’s better to approach life with an “it’ll probably be cool” mentality than an “it will definitely be shitty” one. I wanted this album to bring that feeling of ease out of people and remind them that, you know, despite whatever shit you’re going through, it’ll probably turn out all right.


The track “Hey Man” was especially written with the human experience in mind. I know on nights when I’m out at bars or concerts, I don’t know how to start conversations with people. Socializing can be so awkward, usually just because of stuff going on in our own head. I wanted this song to be kind of a reminder that sometimes all it takes is saying hey man, and striking up a conversation to totally change the atmosphere around you. Ultimately, I hope it can be some words of encouragement. It’s my attempt at reaching out to somebody who maybe has been trodden on. Hey man, can you get back up from off the ground? I hope so – and if not, I hope this track at least makes you crack a smile.

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