That’s Chic’s Rachel Nguyen Shares Valuable Advice on How to Reset

That’s Chic’s Rachel Nguyen Shares Valuable Advice on How to Reset

By Ariana Hwang

In between surfing Costa Rican waves and observing galleries at Miami’s Art Basel, Rachel Nguyen is consistently creating original content for her blog and Youtube channel, That’s Chic. She calls her freelance work a “visual, moving diary” in which she documents her activities and every day sentiments regarding creative slumps and relationships in a series of vlogs. In other videos, she lets viewers get an inspired glimpse from her 10-step Korean skin care routine and London thrift haul. But then you’ll notice that Rachel’s motivations and goals extend past stylish adventures. The dialogues inside her L.A. apartment and car indicate that she really cares about giving the Internet more soul.


“I’ve been thinking a lot about the content we make and the platforms they live on. In whole, I’ve been a little discouraged, not from lack of inspiration but rather the noise and lack of conversation. Even if it’s not about a conversation, the internet has been lacking soul.”

-Rachel Nguyen


In a new video entitled, “THE NEW YEAR, NEW ME RESET”, Rachel guides us through her efforts to regain control of her life with methods of organization, mindfulness, and detoxification. To start everything off simply, she divides her focus into four categories: Mind, Body, Space, and Digital. It’s after exploring these spheres that we hope that you will feel inspired to create new habits and make 2018 a more productive year.

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