Wishmonger Unveils EP Inspired by NYC Living and Kevin Shields

Wishmonger Unveils EP Inspired by NYC Living and Kevin Shields

This November, Brooklyn based indie-rock band Wishmonger, a self described “Shoegaze/Dreampop labor of love,” released their debut EP. Swirling masses of unrecognizable guitars, adorned by shimmering analog synthesizers, and a nice helping of gorgeous reverb, combined with the introspective and vulnerable lyrics, make Wishmonger a standout, sounding like something else entirely in Brooklyn’s thriving indie scene.


A word from Niko, Wishmonger’s guitarist and singer:


Wishmonger started as just some acoustic demos I was writing in my room at night when I couldn’t sleep, sitting on my bed trying not to wake the neighbors at 3AM. I was listening to a lot of Elliott Smith at the time, and a lot of that songwriting style is evident on ‘Pulled Under’ and ‘Good Inside.’ I think those songs really encapsulate the feeling of isolation that comes from experiencing existential dread 24/7 walking around New York. It also took me ages to get to a place where I could just sing in my own voice and not hate it or want to change it, and part of that was singing words that really conveyed how I felt about life in NYC and in general.


Stream ‘Pulled under’:

I had originally just planned to put out an acoustic EP, but I had this revelation that there’s so much of that, just a guy with a guitar. So I wanted to add some texture. I took the demos and played some really fuzzed out, reverbed out guitars over the songs, and it just worked.

I’d always been a superfan of bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, and once I realized this was going to be a shoegaze project, it really freed me up to just mess with sounds and add timbres and just, mess with them. Like taking stems from other songs on the record and reversing them, or stretching them out, and turning them into something else. I was really inspired by Kevin Shields, who I sympathize with, as someone wracked with self-sabotaging perfectionism.


Wishmonger’s EP is available on:











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